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Normal Skin Tonic Lotion with Stevia Extract and Antioxidants Dispenser 125 ml



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It’s a perfect product to care for normal skin. A natural tonic complex of fruit acids, green tea tannines, and hibiscus bioflavanoids has a stimulating effect on epidermal metabolic processes.

Bioactive compounds of aloe juice and stevia extract intensely nourish skin cells and prevent premature aging. Vitamin complex and highly effective antioxidants protect skin against negative environmental factors during the whole day. Healthy skin complexion is restored and retained for a long time.

Active components: fruit acids and amino acids, green tea and hibiscus tea rose extracts have a tonic effect and stimulate epidermal metabolism.

Glucose, vitamin F, bioactivated aloe juice and stevia extract nourish and moisturize normal skin.

Stevia is a unique plant which has been known since ancient times and grows in the South America. It contains diteprene glycosides and amino acids which moisturize and smooth skin; bioflavanoids preventing aging, and microelements.

Vitamin complex (A, E, and stabilized form of Vitamin C) and innovative highly efficient antioxidant Rona care AP provide long-lasting antioxidative skin protection.

Innovative components of the lotion provide a reliable 24 hour skin protection against negative impact of the city environment and prevent premature aging.


  • Excellently tones and nourishes skin
  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • Actively protects against environmental hazards
  • Use

    Gently rub skin with a wipe or a cotton pad 1-2 times a day.


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