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Gel-balm REPARATIVE (dispenser) 50 ml



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This balm is an “emergency aid" for skin. It quickly relieves discomfort, removes redness, heals microdamages, and effects of skin burns. Microcapsulated form of bioactive ingredients is the key to its efficiency. Yam glycosides and tomato phospholipids neutralize free radicals, stimulate the synthesis of protein molecules and strengthen cell membranes. The balm moisturizes skin, enhances its natural protective functions and prevents aging.

Effect: The product normalizes metabolic processes, prevents pre-mature skin aging, increases skin stability to the negative factors of the environment; stimulates the processes of reparation and recovery on the cell membrane level as a result of microdamages (windburns, overcooling, sunburns etc.).

Use: Apply to a cleansed skin morning and evening when necessary.


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