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ANTI-AGE serum



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Product details

The new serum is a precious for skin!

The tool acts through several mechanisms, comprehensively improving the condition of skin gives a healthy glow has a rejuvenating effect and creates a perfect complexion.


activate youth proteins in the cellsincreases the density and homogeneity of supporting fibers of the skinreduces the appearance of wrinklesimparts Shine and evens skin tonerestores skin barrier function and elasticityeffectively moisturizes and softens

The result:

improvement of skin texture,the return lightsanti-agingMethod of application:apply a small amount of serum on cleansed face and neck. If necessary, after 10-15 minutes to apply the cream. Use in the evening at least 30 minutes before bedtime. For best anti-aging effect of the recommended rate of application 1-2 months.

Active ingredients:

noble oil from the resin of the mastic tree, turmeric extract (standardized for turmerone), oil-soluble derivative of silk, amaranth oil, grapeseed, rice bran, sasanqua (Japanese chamomile) soy, isoamyl of cocoat (ether isoamyl alcohol from sugar beet and fatty acids from coconut oil), ester of malic acid, lycopene from tomato fruit, Coco-caprilate (natural emollient from coconut oil), vitamins E and F, a cascading antioxidant Rona Care AP.