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Gel-balm with Bacteriophages 30 ml (dispenser)



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The complex of bacteriophages is the most efficient killer for more than 20 different pathogenic microorganisms and a natural biological inhibitor of their proliferation on skin. The complex of sweet clover essential oils, cumarines and clover and lucerne bioflavonoids provide a powerful anti-inflammatory action. The balm prevents acne and pustulosis, provides fast healing of scratches and other skin damages.

Effect : 

Normalizes microflora due to the selective inhibition of pathogenic bacteria activity. Prevents acne and provides fast healing of scratches and other skin damages.

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Trifolium pratense – extract, Medicago sativa, Melilotus officinalis Carbomer, Sodium hydroxide, Methylparaben-(0,05) (&) Propylparaben-(0,01) (&) Diazolidinyl Urea-(0,12) (&) Propylene Glycol, Lavandula angustifolia.


Apply 2-3 times a day until completely absorbed, do not rinse with water.


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