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Balm BIFIRON 50ml



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The balm is an effective prevention of inflammatory reactions and keratosis. Bacteriocins of bifidobacteria in combination with marigold and wormwood terpenes inhibit pathogenic microflora in the area of inflammation; bioflavonoids help to relieve irritation. The complex of essential oils and vitamins soothes and tones skin. Patented biotechnological formula actively prevents and restores skin structure on cell level.
Prevents and removes skin peeling, rough skin and restores skin elasticity. The balm nurtures skin and stabilizes its growth functions. It regulates metabolic processes and improves overall condition of skin.
Emulsion base , water, biotech drug ( filtrate ) of bifidobacteria , CO2 concentrate calendula flowers and leaves of sage , essential oils of geranium, frankincense and sandalwood , β- carotene, Epofen , vitamin C.
Has anti-inflammatory action
Removes the symptoms of keratosis
Soothes and softens skin.
Apply to a cleansed face and neck skin morning and evening.


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