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Balm Concealer Local 15 ml



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An indispensable tool for the active acupressure on inflammatory elements. Quickly and effectively eliminates the root causes of inflammation as a result of a comprehensive approach to the problem of acne. Balm formula designed to meet the full complexity of the biochemical processes of inflammation and restore the skin. It is especially effective in the initial stage the appearance of acne. 


water, kaolin, vitamin PP, complex Ac.Net (oleanolic acid and NDGK composed osmotic gel), esters of malic and lactic acids, multifunctional humidifier pentylene, simulgel, D-panthenol, pasta coniferous chlorophyll-carotene, allantoin, Aristofleks, vitamin E , manuka essential oils, orange and tea tree oil, CO2 extracts of celandine and hop cones, glycolic acid, licorice root extract, dihydroquercetin, Perfume, fenonip.


inflammatory applied locally on the element as required. Shelf life is 1 year.


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