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Sun-Protect Spray SPF-15 100ml

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A unique synergetic combination of organic, non-organic and plant UV-filters protects the skin from harmful UV-A, UV-B portions of solar spectrum preventing sunburns and the processes of photoaging. A powerful complex of vitamins and biologically active plant ingredients provides an effective antioxidative cell protection. Spray has a delicate texture, it’s comfortable and easy to use. This spray will help you get a safe, gradual, even and long-lasting tanning.
This cream neutralizes harmful effect of UVA and UVB portions of solar spectrum; it efficiently protects your skin against ultraviolet radiation and prevents sunburns. Bioactive plant ingredients and vitamins provide effective antioxidative protection.

Apply to skin before sunbathing and swimming on sunny days. The cream maintains its SPF after water immersion.


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