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Balm Obereg 50 ml (dispenser)



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OBEREG is a special care for oily and problem skin. Azelaic and salicylic acid in combination with a powerful antibacterial complex of essential oils inhibit development of pathogenic microflora in sebaceous follicles; helps to prevent the formation of blackheads and acne. Flavonols and tannins of St. John's wort, tansy and marigold provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect. The balm regulates sebaceous glands function, reduces eruptions and oily sheen, and makes the skin matte.


  • A broad-spectrum antibacterial product
  • Provides an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Cleanses pores, reduces production of natural skin fat. Regular use makes complexion better and matte.
  • Ingredients:

    Water, soy and coconut oils , glycerol, monoglyceride stearate, and fatty alcohols (all from vegetable ) , beeswax , wax emulsion , CO2 concentrates: Hypericum ( hypericin , flavonoids ); tansy ( 7 % terpenoids ) ; Marigold ( 23 % faradiol esters ) , dry extract of alfalfa , colloidal sulfur , salicylic and azelaic acid , essential oils of eucalyptus , lavender, tea tree oil and basil , shikonin , sodium hydroxide , sodium izoaskorbat , Cato, Epofen .

    Use: Apply to a cleansed skin morning and evening


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