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Plasticizing moisturizing mask



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Mask actively moisturizes and maintains normal turgor and gives instant refreshing effect for tired and dull skin, recommended for skin sensitive to harmful external influences. Powerful plant complex and collagen hydrolyzate provide quality lifting effect, the hydration of the epidermis, improve complexion. Course application has a rejuvenating effect and prevents premature aging, promotes healing and skin regeneration. For additional effects of the procedure can be applied to the skin one of sera MASTER series.
- stirring to dissolve 20 g of water at room temperature of not higher than 20 ° C until a homogeneous creamy; - Uniformly apply the mask on clean face on the massage lines, except for the area around the eyes; - Stand 15-20 minutes, keeping the facial muscles in a relaxed state; - Frozen mask to remove a single reservoir or large pieces; - If necessary, rinse with warm water balances.
Alginate-phosphate mixture (diatomite, sodium alginate, calcium sulfate, sodium pyrophosphate, magnesium dioxide), kaolin, rice flour, hydrolysed marine collagen, sweet almond oil, calendula extract, CI77492.


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