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Set noninvasive exfoliant Peeling



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Surface gentle exfoliation for all skin types. Ensures atraumatic deep cleansing, exercising competent preparation for remediation (clean) long. Provides quick and safe update of the upper layer of the epidermis without peeling and skin irritation. Can be applied regardless of the solar insolation.Is a two-component system: Mousse Cleansing and exfoliating lotion.
The set consists of two products - exfoliating lotion and cleansing mousse, which are applied sequentially to the skin using a rotational movement around the circle and the spiral (in this case, means a kind of "pull" of pollution; pressing manipulation is not desirable because "bury" pollution ). After the procedure, to stimulate the recovery of the epidermal barrier is recommended to use special means, such as liposomal based, gel-balm repaired. It is undesirable to be carried out simultaneously and in the next 2-3 days, any other types of peels. Recommended frequency of treatment - 1 every 10 days. Can be applied regardless of the solar insolation.
Mousse purifying water, glycerine, sodium salt of triethyl sulfokarbonovoy acid, glyceryl cocoate, kokoilglutamat sodium cocamidopropylbetaine, kokoamfotseat sodium salts, ethoxylated carboxylic acids, derivative of castor oil, sodium chloride, lactic acid, fenonip, perfume composition.Exfoliating lotion: water, calcium chloride, urea, sodium salicylate, a derivative of castor oil, sodium benzoate, amino acid complex, zinc and copper gluconate, magnesium aspartate, Perfume, alkyl esters of lactic acid and lactic acid, Cato


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