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Moisturizing Gel-lubricant with Toning and Preventive Action 50 ml



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A unique composition of moss polysaccharides , white lily and D-panthenol increases tissue elasticity and turgor, removes the feeling of dryness. Ylang-ylang is a natural erotizer and a powerful Aphrodisiac both for men and women. It reduces irritation and anxiety, increases libido, and gives you self-confidence. Amino acid arginine enhances blood circulation in genital zone; normalizes microflora of genital tract; selectively destroys pathogenic microorganisms. The gel soothes, moisturizes and tones the skin and mucous membranes, bringing more comfort into the sexual relations.

water, copolymer, glycerine, water lily extract, D-panthenol (provitamin B5), dimethicone, trehalose - polysaccharide lycopodium rock, urea, hydroxycellulose, the amino acid L-arginine, concentrate bacteriophages, essential oil ylang-ylang, Emulgin, Perfume, Caton

Intensively moisturizes,
Increases tissue elasticity,
Prevents infections.

Use a small amount of the gel before or after a sexual intercourse.


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