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Moisture Retaining Cream with Apple Wax (in a tube) 50 ml

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A new formula with amino acids complex and apple wax for gentle moisturizing. Amino acids bind and retain moisture in the deepest layers of the skin; apple wax protects external surface against excessive moisture loss. Linden blossom, clover and lucerne flavonoids soften and soothe the skin. The cream efficiently removes dry feeling and peeling skin, smoothes and maintains skin tone.


  • Protects skin against moisture loss
  • Removes dry feeling
  • Increases skin tone
  • Waxes and lipids contained in the apple rind in combination with clover and lucerne phytoextracts increase moisture retaining properties of the skin and improve its elasticity and firmness.


    Gently apply to cleansed face and neck skin every morning and night.


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