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Refreshing Aqua-Spray Lotion with Green Tea and Cypress 100 ml



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It is a unique express moisturizing soft toning lotion. Aqua spray forms finely divided particles of moisture restoring natural hydrobalance and stimulating the skin to retain moisture. It’s especially recommended for use in an unfavorable microclimate (stuffy rooms, transport, and low humidity). The combination of antioxidants and flavonoids of green tea and healing herbs neutralizes the negative effect of environment stress factors. It can be applied after putting makeup. The lotion does not contain alcohol.


  • Instantly moisturizes and refreshes the skin.
  • Relieves dry skin, improves skin complexion, and improves the function of blood vessels.
  • The lotion can be used on any skin type.


    water, glycerol, Aristofleks, papain, Cato, EDTA, Perfume.


    Apply a thin layer on face and body


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