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After Shave Lotion TROPHY with Myrtle and Patchouli Oils 100 ml



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It is an ideal revitalizing product for your skin after shaving. Mineral and vitamin complex as well as biologically active components of healing herbs soothe the skin, reduce redness and provide better regeneration of microtraumas and give a long lasting protection. Fresh, clear and elegant aroma improves mood and gives the feeling of energy and confidence for the whole day. The lotion has toning and cooling effect on the skin, removing the traces of tiredness and stress.


  • Efficiently removes skin irritation;
  • Provides antiseptic and protective effect;
  • Smoothes and refreshes.
  • Use

    Apply to skin after shaving. When using electric shaver, you may apply the lotion before shaving to prevent irritation and enable better gliding.


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