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Lip Gel-Cream with Cocoa and Amaranth Oils Dispenser 15 ml



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Immediate softening and nourishing effect! A gentle gel with exotic healing oils is a perfect option for everyday lip care. The product softens dry lips and prevents fine lines from appearing.

A gentle gel with natural oils micro capsules provides ideal nourishment of lip tissues and skin around lips. Cocoa oil theobromine has a tonic effect; amaranth oil squalene and flax seeds linomarine have a regenerative action. In combination it preventing aging and fine lines appearing.


  • Nourishes lip tissues and skin around lips
  • Has tonic and regenerative effect
  • Prevents aging and fine lines appearing
  • Ingredients:
  • water, glycerol, coconut oil , cocoa, amaranth , castor , petrolatum , lecithin , tomatol , vitamin E , β- carotene ; shikonin , polysaccharides flax , D- panthenol, urea; essential oils of lavender , myrrh , patchouli, Cato, neutralized Carbomer , Epofen .
  • Use

    Apply on lips and skin around lips.


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