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Regenerating lotion with caviar sol dispenser 100 ml



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The lotion significantly improves the functional skin condition, providing metabolism regulation and giving energy to the cells. A complex of fruit acids enables easy peeling and whitening action. Vitamins and biologically active components of plants significantly increase skin protective properties, enable pores contraction and diminish fine lines. The lotion makes the action of other cosmetic products even more effective.


  • Activates metabolic processes,
  • Intensively nurtures skin feeding it with biologically active components,
  • Restores skin moisture and elasticity.
  • Ingredients:

    water, glycerol, aloe vera juice, cereal protein hydrolyzate, amino acid complex, carbamide, an alkyl ester of malic acid; lactic acid, malic and succinic acid; vitamin E, P B3; Argan oil, dry ginseng extract, stabilized ascorbic acid, a polysaccharide inulin, a solubilizer (a derivative of castor oil), polysorbate 80, caviar sturgeon sol, an antioxidant RonaCare® AP, Cato, sodium hydroxide, perfume composition.

    Use: Apply lotion to skin with a wipe or a cotton pad 1-2 times a day.


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