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Anti-Age Balm 30ml



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A rejuvenating balm provides powerful complex effect on all the mechanisms underlying premature skin aging:

Activation of regeneration

Intensive moisturizing

Effective antioxidant protection

Hydro-lipid balance restoration

Capillary strengthening

An exceptional advantage of GOLD LINE is the use of black and red caviar and caviar sol, enriched with the fractions extracted from the caviar (lipids, amino acids, oligopeptides, nucleic acids).

Bioactive ingredients, grouped into complexes by the synergism principle (i.e. action enhancement of certain ingredients in the mixture), provide an exceptional efficiency against all the signs of premature aging.


  • Enhances skin elasticity and resilience;
  • Provides lifting effect, improves face contour;
  • Activates regeneration and restores hydro-lipid balance;
  • Prevents skin aging and wrinkling.
  • Ingredients:
  • water, amaranth oil, cocoa butter, sesame oil, telosomil, black caviar, red caviar, caviar sol simulgel, trehalose, sturgeon sperm DNA, emulsifying wax, lecithin, extract of honeysuckle, verbena extract, ginkgo biloba extract, linden blossom, grape seed extract, monoglycerides, cyclomethicone, Epofen, vitamin E, essential oil of myrrh, Perfume, Caton.
  • Use

    Apply evening to a cleansed face and décolleté area.


    Обожаю этот бальзам, нежная текстура и потрясающий эффект. Рекомендую!