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Natural cosmetics


Cosmetic products of a series Elegance by Pierre Cardin on the basis of an extract from caviar of salmon and sturgeon fishes allow to effectively looking after a skin, with little effort to support image of the successful, elegant, self-assured man. Elegance by Pierre Cardin Line where issued a Gold Medal of National competition for the best perfumery - cosmetic production within the limits of an exhibition of Intercharm - 2006

Is it a problem for you to wake up in the morning?

Are you experiencing lack of energy and apathy?
Exhilarating shower gel with proprolis and green tea extracts and essential oils complex will make your morning shower a pleasant process of awakening and refreshing.
Shower or bath with this gel in the evening will give you energy, relive tension and enhance sensuality.
The gel cleans and soothes your skin, retaining the feeling of freshness and coolness for a long time; it improves skin elasticity and turgor.
Regular use makes your body perfectly smooth and slim.

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The only though about shaving makes you sad? You don’t believe that shaving can be a comfortable process and your skin will be smooth and undamaged?

Aftershave gel immediately soothes the skin, reduces irritation and quickly restores skin natural protective barrier. The gel provides comfort, soothes and nurtures your skin, improves its elasticity.

Rich in vitamins, oligopeptides and amino acids this gel increases skin tonus and cellular energy potential. Apply this gel every time after shaving and enjoy energy and freshness during the whole day!

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Do you want to get rid of heavy eyes and bags under eyes as a result of the heavy burden of men? Ultra rich complex of healing herbs extracts and homogenated caviar and salmon and sturgeon milt in the active eye contour balm immediately refreshes eyelid skin, smoothes out expression lines and improves moisture retaining skin properties.

Due to a high concentration of vitamins and microelements, regulating lymph flow and blood flow, the cream immediately removes dark circles and significantly improves complexion of the skin around your eyes.

Now your eyes won’t be left unnoticed!

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Do you want your face be well-groomed and healthy?

You are sure that it’s impossible due to constant tension and stress?

Active anti-aging balm will bring your tired skin back to life, make it radiant, elastic, improve its turgor, soothe after shaving, smooth out the lines and protect against harmful effects. The cream is immediately absorbed and doesn’t leave oily sheen.

Due to the tangy aroma of myrrh, coriander and wormwood the cream will have a relaxing effect on the skin, stimulate your creative activity and give comfortable feeling for 24 hours and forever!

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